Safetech adds cream to VIC dairy company


Ballantyne Food Services is a Victorian based family owned company that has specialised in supplying dairy products globally for more than half a century.

Ballantyne’s dairy division produces a range of packaged butter, dairy blend and margarine products. This includes portion control products (minitubs and mini wraps) to retail products (tubs and wraps) for the Australian and international markets

One of the company’s main tasks is to drain fluid from a 1000L container. Tilting the container was done manually and Ballantyne was seeking a simple, yet effective alternative.

Materials handling specialist Safetech recently supplied the company with a spring tilter, specially modified to suit the application.

The spring operated tilter now supports the 1000L container that had a drain hose fitted to the outlet.

As the level in the container lowers, the spring automatically raises one side.

No air or electricity required.

A retaining lip across the hinged edge keeps the container in place.

The tilter is fully galvanised for longevity and includes fork sockets for easy relocation.

The RHS fork sockets are also at a height that allows a hand pallet truck to roll under for moving by hand.

This spring tilter eliminates the need to manually tilt the container.

This has reduced the injury risk, worker effort and has helped to speed up the process.

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