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Safe way to store flammable and corrosive goods

Safe way to store flammable and corrosive goods
Safety product specialist Actisafe has designed a flammable and corrosive goods storage cabinet suitable for the storage of corrosive materials and pesticides in completely safe and secure conditions.
Known as Actistor, the cabinet can be custom made to fit various sizes and powder coated in any required safety colour. Dual vents and flash arrestors are standard.
Actisafe’s flammable and corrosive goods storage cabinet is ideal for all sectors and in particular defence, manufacturing, mining, construction, the auto sector and agriculture.
Being rated to AS 1940, AS 3780 and AS 2714, the Actistor flammable goods cabinet has a double wall with 40mm air gap acting as a thermal barrier for added security and protection.
There is no chance of spillage or run-off into the general working areas because Actistor is a totally bunded cabinet.
Rugged Actistor flammable goods cabinets are built to last for years in the toughest of work conditions.
For high integrated security, a double barrel locking system uses both a key and a padlock.
All hinges, corner brackets and reinforcements are heavy duty to prevent wear and tear during constant use.
The cabinets come with relevant safety and inspection certificates.
Ph: 1300 852 397

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