Safe landing with Pilot earplugs


Noise-induced hearing loss is preventable, yet every year more than two million Australians suffer industrial deafness due to wearing improperly fitted earplugs.

As part of their commitment to reducing noise – induced hearing loss (NIHL), Howard Leight, a leader in hearing protection equipment, has released the Pilot – a new hybrid push-in style earplug.

With a range of features engineered to deliver a higher degree of comfort and safety, the new Pilot push-in style earplug is the practical alternative to roll down foam models.

They can be used over several days or shifts without impacting its overall performance.

Combining the high performance of the multiple-use Quiet model with its patented non-roll design, together with the superior comfort of the bell-shaped single use Max, the Pilot earplug delivers outstanding comfort and control over the fit.

Featuring a smooth pear-skinned surface for enhanced resilience against dirt build-up, the Pilot is the easy to clean and hygienic earplug compared to others which can have coarser skins and may collect dirt and contaminants more easily, making the Pilot ideal for use in dirty environments.

To ensure maximum comfort and ease of insertion, the Pilot push-in style earplug uses  Howard Leight’s patented slow recovery polyurethane foam tip.

And with a Foam/Stem Ratio (FSR) of 80 percent foam to 20 percent stem in its construction – the Pilot offers unmatched comfort.

Easy to insert thanks to a moulded “navigation” stem which glides the earplug into the ear canal for a quick, snug and comfortable fit, the Pilot also eliminates ear irritation sometimes associated with hybrid push-in earplugs. 

Engineered with a very small cross-sectional diameter, with a hollow and flexible design, the stem of the Pilot is not intended to be felt in the ear at all.

With a SLC80 23dB Class 4 rating, the Pilot provides consistent hearing protection in any noise environment from 100dB to less than 105dB.

For added safety and convenience, the Pilot is available as a corded and non-corded, and is certified to AS / NZ 1270:2002 standards. 

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