As the challenging economic climate of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the world, few industries have been spared the consequences of this disruptive trading environment.

In response to these uncertain times, RS Components – a world-leading omni-channel provider of electrical, industrial and electronics components – has launched a global ‘By Your Side’ campaign designed to allay fears of supply chain collapse.

Amid the current economic turbulence, RS Components is leading the industry by making its product range and equipment readily accessible to businesses that need them to keep operations running.

“We’re moving to be by the side of Australian and New Zealand industries in supplying critical parts and spares to help so many heroes do what they do best to help everyone get through this,” says Cuong Vo, vice president of RS Components.

“The entire ANZ RS Components team would like to acknowledge all our essential workers that have supported the whole economy during this time.”

The campaign was devised to give RS Components customers, many of whom have been forced to change their operations due to the pandemic, the quickest path to recovery.

“We’ve had to adapt our business to allow this shift and help all our customers manage theirs effectively.”

To accompany the ‘By Your Side’ campaign, RS Components is running a variety of promotions with up to 90 per cent off their product range or 10 per cent off new customers’ first orders.

With over 500,000 products, a wide range of e-commerce solutions, free and flexible delivery options and an excellent customer service team, RS Components is your one-stop shop for boosting business efficiency.

For those looking for products that come from niche specialists or big global brands, there’s no time like the present to make a purchase.

RS Components
1300 656 636

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