Reven: breath of fresh air in the workplace


For clean and healthy air in workshops, Dimac Tooling offers the German-made Reven Recojet oil mist separators and Ultra Cleaners.

These highly efficient mechanical air filtering units use the mechanical separating system X-Cyclone.

Air pollutants and contaminants from oil, emulsions and other fluids are separated from the ambient air as aerosols to a very high extent. This equipment dispenses with auxiliary energy supply as well as any auxiliary material.

Reven GmbH has now released the new and improved X-Cyclone arrow profile, which will replace the current “golf ball” profile.

With this new development, Reven took another quantum leap by applying the most recent flow analysis methods.

The new Reven X-Cyclone arrow profile was developed on state-of-the-art main frames on the basis of the current golf ball profile.

The X-Cyclone filters are the fruit of persistent research throughout the previous decades. 

The X-Cyclone filters consist of rectangular elements with a thickness of 50mm.

The X-Cyclone filter elements distinguish themselves considerably from traditional aluminium mesh or metal sheet filters because their development is based on a scientific flow analysis and sound particle measurements and analyses.

Solely thanks to this research Reven can continuously optimise the separating performance of its X-Cyclone filters and will now launch the fifth product generation which is the Reven X-Cyclone Arrow Profile.

The innovative result is distinguished by the improvement of the separating efficiency by up to 20 per cent and considerably lower flow noise generation.

The drainage of the separated particles and liquids from the filter was considerably improved.

The air filtering units are particularly well-suited for the separation of harmful substances from the air including air pollutants in the form of aerosols, mist or vapour (saturated) as well as fine dust.

These particles are conducted together with the transporting medium air into the X-Cyclone separator by forced ventilation (fan). The collected fluids are returned to your equipment and your working environment is mist and particle free.

As with previous versions of the X-Cyclone, the new arrow profile was granted an international and worldwide valid PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) patent.

The new X-Cyclone filter is available in stainless steel and aluminium.

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