Published 13-07-2021
| Article appears in August 2021 Issue

PULS PISA-B electronic protection module now available

circuit breaker

Distributor Control Logic has announced the availability of the PULS PISA-B electronic protection module.

The all-new PISA-B generation is one of the most compact protection module solutions on the market, with eight completely separated, individually adjustable channels to ensure reliable protection for load circuits with different demands in 24V systems.

The PISA-B series offers several control features such as remote monitoring of channel states by individual signalling contacts, or resetting all channels that tripped at once from a remote location.

Diagnosis in the field is easier than ever before. The channel status is visible at first sight and the utilisation of each channel can be determined without even using a current probe, thanks to an LED matrix. Push-in terminals enable effortless wiring and tripping currents of each channel can be configured individually via push buttons.

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