Tourlock doors provide floor to ceiling security

Security of access to industrial, logistics and data facilities is a growing issue in Australasia as we move to 24/7 trading cycles and criminals target activity hotspots for theft, commercial data penetration and trafficking of illegal goods and substances.

Entry expert Boon Edam says the full gamut of Australasian industrial production, warehousing, data, distribution and export facilities need to be increasingly aware of site security as industry in Australasia follows global trends toward 24/7 responsiveness to world markets.

“Good business risk management practices mean we should ensure now that industry facilities are prepared for new security issues arising from the expanding flow of visits to company facilities at different times of the day and night,” says Boon Edam Australia Managing Director Mike Fisher.

“As 24/7 business practices expand, more people need access at different times to sensitive areas of company operations, including goods handling, data centres, dispatch, financial and proprietary information across facilities that may be working multiple shifts,” says Fisher.

In response to the need to provide high security even at times when security staff are scarce, Boon Edam Australia has introduced its latest Turnlock and Tourlock ranges of access security product families designed for areas ranging from outdoor company perimeters, through to building entrances and sensitive interior areas.

Its latest products also cover top security facilities, such as data and financial centres, where the highest level of entrance tailgating protection is achieved using the latest in camera detection systems to help prevent unwanted physical access by visitors tagging along behind authorised personnel.

“People rightly focus on online threats to data facilities, but there is also another more forgotten dimension to cyber security: and that is protection of physical facilities from unwanted visitors, including industrial intelligence thieves and even sometimes disgruntled former employees,” says Fisher.

The latest version of Boon Edam’s Tourlock 180+90 revolving door system is designed for access hotspots such as the entrances to company HQs and data and financial centres that might be vulnerable to people seeking to penetrate or damage data facilities vital to trading companies.

“This latest Tourlock 180+90 system is a 24/7 solution offering high volume capabilities (20 people each way per door a minute) proven by some of the world’s largest companies and government agencies. It is a superbly flexible, non-intrusive way to control physical access and prevent problems arising from unauthorised access to sensitive facilities and areas. It is also an outstandingly cost-effective and reliable way to overcome the problems inherent in expensive manned security systems,” says Fisher.

In addition to the latest BoomConnect software to configure the system to individual users’ needs, the system can be specified to include StereoVision “time of flight” camera systems which create extremely accurate 3D images of the person in the door to determine whether they are alone. StereoVision is even capable of discerning between a person and a briefcase or bag.

Boon Edam installed Turnlock 100 full-height turnstiles at a multipurpose Pacific Rim shipping terminal (that cannot be named for security reasons) as part of a large-scale physical security plan to protect one of the largest marine terminals in the region from criminal activity.

AP Moller Maersk was awarded management of this particular terminal for a period of 30 years. At that time, all entry control and registration activities were performed manually by security staff, which detracted from the effectiveness of procedures and controls.

As part of a continuous improvement programme, the terminal invested in new access control equipment designed to modernise visitor and employee application processing and auditing standards for objectivity and efficiency.
The terminal selected Boon Edam's Turnlock full-height turnstiles to achieve these objectives, thanks to their robust barrier construction and ability to efficiently control the flow of visitors and staff to the facility, who are recorded also via security cameras during entry.

In addition to the full-height turnstiles, the terminal installed biometric access control systems, electronic barriers for vehicle access, a module to manage visitors, software to register and control personnel access with capabilities such as automatic locks and anti-passback capabilities (a user can only exit if his/her access has been logged in the system), among others. The system operates 24/7/365 in order to service the high level of traffic.

“The product families involved – which have been proven globally with distribution extending over 27 countries – are engineered to provide a cost-efficient way to regulate access to a facility without having to employ an army of security people or to construct facilities that look like a fortress,” says Mike Fisher.

“This is particularly true of businesses such as logistics facilities that are part of globally fast-moving industries that have to be able to provide immediate access to people who are entitled to have it – but to exclude unwanted visitors posing threats to physical and cyber security,” he says.

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