Permanent lifting magnets continue to attract


The ability to lift quite large steel loads with small permanent lifting magnets continues to appeal to safety conscious factory managers across Australia.

Requiring no electric power, the Tecnomagnete MaxX series lifting magnets turn on and off with a fail-safe hand operated lever.

MaxX lifters employ unique, patented Neutral Crown technology, which ensures that the magnetic field does not leak to the top or sides of the magnet, but is instead concentrated at the lifting face.

Many magnetic lifters do not have this feature and may be dangerously impaired should the rear face come into contact with steel such as chain during a lift.

In thousands of applications on flat or round steel these lifting magnets, which range in capacity from 125 to 2000kg, are enhancing safety and productivity.

Tecnomagnete is represented in Australia by Serpent and Dove – Applied Magnetics Pty Ltd.

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