Perfect warehouse solution


Commercial flooring company Fab Floors decided to expand its business with the construction of a purpose-built manufacturing and distribution facility in the Sydney suburb of Riverwood.
The company contacted Meca Racking Solutions to design, install and manage their storage and warehouse solution.

Fab Floors owner and Managing Director, Maria Byrne, researched the market carefully when deciding on a company that would work in with their current and future warehousing requirements.
Byrne wanted a company to design a storage solution that would maximize storage and assist with productivity.

Meca’s project manager Dean Wilson worked closely with the Fab Floors team to design a system that maximized the immediate storage space and requirement, while being flexible and efficient enough to allow for future product expansion.

The warehouse configuration designed by Meca Racking increased their immediate storage capability by 48 per cent.

Meca was able to provide a tailor-made solution for the client.

In early discussions with the Fab Floors team, Meca’s consultant realized the business requirements were much more than purely pallet racking. The final solution would have to resolve product mix, storage capacity, OH&S and site logistics. It also had to provide a long-term material handling solution.

The installation was carefully timed between building construction and the company moving for minimum disturbance.

The project was delivered on time and in full. Most importantly, it was completed ahead of schedule and on budget.

“We are very pleased with the final result. We made right choice to go with Meca,” says Byrne.

Meca offers a complete solution across warehouse storage services and products to ensure an efficient and effective warehouse system for any business.

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