| Article appears in October 2021 Issue

PBE Roboplas – Your Partner In Injection Moulding


PBE Roboplas are the Yizumi injection moulding machine exclusive Australian agents.

The brand is gaining acceptance and growing in popularity with the high-speed thin wall packaging and all electric range now in the country.

FF Series Electric Injection Molding Machine

Functions Upgrade for Smart Production

In the face of the outbreak of COVID-19, recruitment difficulties, scarcity of skilled workers, and homogeneous competition in the industry, plastic processing enterprises are accelerating the process of smart manufacturing to reduce reliance on labor and improve risk resistance capacity.

FF series electric injection molding machine, one of the YIZUMI’s leading machines, has long been devoted to breaking the technical bottleneck in smart injection molding systems, to continuously meet customer’s new demand for smart machines and intelligent injection molding systems.

This year, YIZUMI brought the FF series electric injection molding machine equipped with several smart functions to the CHINAPLAS, presenting the smart machine charm. YIZUMI also demonstrated two solutions at site——the 64+64 stack mold solution for top and bottom USB data cable and the automation solution for headphone charging case, to allow customers to have a multifaceted experience on smart injection molding processes.

SCFM Smart Clamping Force Management

The SCFM system independently developed by YIZUMI is a new upgrade based on the auto adjustment mode according to the clamping force. The SCFM system offers functions such as real-time measuring, smart recommendation, no-stop adjustment, and auto-holding to assist operators controlling the injection molding machine in a quick and easy way. With the help of SCFM, the injection molding machine can produce qualified products according to the clamping force set by the injection molding process.

 Real-time measuring: Directly view the clamping force in real-time through PC interface;

 Smart recommendation: Intelligently recommend the most appropriate clamping force to customers through online equipment monitoring;

 Auto-holding: Clamping force can be maintained for an extended time due to dynamic correction during machine operation

 No-stop adjustment: Directly input the value of the clamping force on PC screen. The machine will adjust the clamping force within two to three trials to save operating time; SIC Smart Injection Control Technology Through a software-controlled algorithm, the SIC technology of the FF series electric injection molding machine can control the injection end position to improve injection precision.

 Improve the stability of product weight and the product dimensional accuracy;

 Effectively solve the imbalanced filling issue during injection molding: Eliminate short shot, flash and improve the balance of filling;  Control peak pressure: Reduce the internal stress of product. Eliminate deformation and differences in optical characteristics caused by imbalanced internal stress;

Automatic Quality Sorting System

Specification range of qualified products is determined by key process parameters, such as injection and pressure holding time, injection starting position, minimum buffer, injection peak pressure, etc. thus providing guidance for automatic quality inspection. It can identify and distinguish qualified and non-qualified products to avoid defects being mixed into the qualified product batch. The automatic quality sorting system acts as the inspector who can mitigate the product quality risk by detecting equipment issues in a timely manner during the process.

Two-stage Clamping + Low-Pressure Injection

The mold closing is started with a low clamping force. When the injection reaches a certain position, the mold closing will be started again to reach the set clamping force and continue the injection process till the product molding is completed. Mold close with a low clamping force firstly. When plastic melt reaches certain position, mold closing shall be enhanced to reach the pre-set clamping force until finished molding process.

This function can not only optimise the minimum wall thickness of products made by injection molding machine of the same clamping force, injection pressure and speed, but also effectively eliminate the internal stress of the product and reduce the required injection speed and the maximum injection pressure.


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