Optrel: the safe way to weld


Sperian Protection, a leader in personal protective equipment (PPE), has launched the new Optrel e1100 PAPR designed for easier, safer welding.

Replacing the previous OS100, the new model Optrel e1100 comes with a high impact approved welding helmet – the Optrel e680.

It has been redesigned with a range of exciting features to provide expert welders with complete comfort and performance.

Providing protection against UV-IR radiations, flying particles, metal fumes and dusts commonly emitted during welding and associated processes, the new Optrel e1100 PAPR is more user friendly than before.

Welders will be impressed by the newly designed face seal which is made from a flexible textile that not only offers increased long-wearing comfort, but also improves protection due to its outstanding sealing properties.

To keep welders cool and comfortable in extreme heat, the Optrel e1100 is equipped with a powerful blower that delivers air to the welding helmet at a flow rate of 170Ipm, while a shorter air duct on the helmet increases mobility.

Both the blower and the air hose can be easily removed because of the Optrel e1100’s new optimised air duct coupling.

Thanks to its new lithium ionic battery-technology, the Optrel e1100 is one of the most lightweight PAPRs on the market, with its standard battery offering the same life time as the OS100’s long life battery.

Additional new features include:
• Dual alarms for alerting the user to blocked or missing filters and low batteries
• A lightweight and ergonomic fabric belt for increased lumbar support
• A switch on the helmet which allows the user to direct the flow of air to both the forehead and mouth, or just the mouth area.

The Optrel e1100 PAPR comes with a two-year warranty and repair service, and is approved to AS/NZS 1337 for High Impact and AS/NZS 1716.

Sperian Protection
Ph: 1300 139 166


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