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Mon Jun 17 2019

OCME releases NEW BLOX End of Line Packaging Solution


OCME S.r.l, Italian world leading manufacturer of packaging, filling, handling and palletising systems for the beverage and consumer products industries, have released their BLOX® System, a new way to design, build and manage the end of bottling lines.

The BLOX® was designed to meet the needs and growing demands from the FMCG industries and combines the entire dry part of the line into a single integrated and synchronized 'Monobloc'.

The Monobloc could consist of various combinations of machines such a labeller (or sleever), packaging machines (shrink wrappers, tray formers, case packers etc.), palletisers or robots.

Key to the BLOX® system is a PYXIS rotating sorting device that allows for the smooth transition of the bottles from the single stream labeller or sleever to the multilane configuration required for the downstream packing machines.

The maximum number of channels at the PYXIS outfeed is 9 and with variable speed drives it can handle ultra lightweight or unstable bottles.

Benefits of the BLOX® include:-

·         Increase in efficiency as the overall efficiency of the BLOX® system is greater than the sum of the efficiency of the individual units

·         Cost reduction - a single operator can manage the entire end of the line. The operator is centrally positioned and can monitor the status of each component.

·         Energy saving of up to 36% - due to low energy features on the machines and a reduction in the number of conveyor drives

·         Space reduction – due to the elimination of interconnecting accumulation conveyors

·         Capability to handle square and odd shaped containers

·         Rapid change over capability


OCME S.r.l. is represented in Oceania by HBM Packaging Technologies.