NSW manufacturer is revolutionising conveyor sortation   


Australian manufacturer Omnia Wheel is revolutionising conveyor sortation for materials handling according to its managing director, Peter McKinnon (picture above).

The Australian designed and made omni directional sortation modules harness the unique capabilities of omni wheels to deliver 360-degree solutions for logistics and manufacturing.

“The Omnia sortation solution is highly adaptable and scalable to handle a range of package sizes and weights to meet the needs of just about any sortation challenge” McKinnon said.

Omnia showcased its sortation solution at the Modex materials handling expo, in Atlanta last month with great success.

“The level of interest received at Modex from some of North America’s market leaders in logistics and e-tailing businesses tells us our solution has the efficacy and flexibility required to provide the dependable singulation and sortation they are seeking.”

McKinnon credits his team for the system’s design simplicity and wheel-on-shaft construction which extends mean-time-to-failure and makes it easy to install, program and maintain.

“There are no pop ups, swivels, pushers, pneumatics or hydraulics - fewer parts generates less wear to reduce unplanned downtime,” he said.

“The team deliberately designed for impact resistance and low wear to deliver mission critical reliability. The light, compact design enables hassle free installation into existing conveyor rail systems or as an independent unit. Compatible with 24V systems, the tables can be supplied pre-programmed or as a programmable ready module.”

Significant benefits

With businesses looking to do more with less, McKinnon said Omnia’s multi-functional sortation systems deliver time, money and space saving benefits.

“As long as it’s within the laws of physics, an Omnia Wheel sortation system can direct payloads as small as envelopes or as large as pallets. 

McKinnon explained that the ability to move packages in any direction means they can be diverted, sorted, merged, aligned, rotated and singulated with precision, at any angle. “This makes labelling, printing, scanning, sampling and quality inspection more efficient.”

McKinnon told Industry Update that he understands that, in a world of constant change, businesses are looking to de-risk their investment, reduce the costs of ownership and improve sustainability metrics. 

“Our manufacturing facility is solar powered, and the sortation modules have been designed for low wear and repurposing with programmability and scalability at the core of the design. This extends the asset lifecycle.” 

“Energy is predominantly consumed driving the payload, not the system components. The low friction, light weight design generates less heat and uses less power.”

“The system’s noise rating averages 64 dB which is equivalent to a standard office environment rather than a typical industrial environment,” he added.

McKinnon says Omnia is leading the world in the production of high performance omni wheels and their applications, with customers across more than 50 countries. 



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