New safety guide for cargo handling applications


The LEEA and global cargo handling group ICHCA International has launched a new guide to the safe management of lifting gear in cargo handling applications.

The new guide aims to help employers ensure that safety-critical lifting equipment such as slings and shackles remain fit for purpose, even in hostile working conditions.

Geoff Holden, chief executive of the LEEA, and Tom Sims, an independent consultant, are co-authors of the new guide titled: Organisation of Gear Stores.

Overhead lifting plays a key role in a host of cargo handling applications, including ports, terminals and on-board ships. However, it remains a significant cause of death and serious injury right around the world.

ICHCA International is an independent membership organisation dedicated to the promotion of safety and efficiency in the movement of goods.

Organisation of Gear Stores numbered GS#4, is the latest addition to its general series of best practice guides.

Focusing on simple items of equipment that are used to connect a load to a lifting appliance such as a crane or hoist, the new publication provides a step-by-step, jargon-free guide to creating and managing a safe store system for “loose lifting gear.”

Key recommendations include:

  • Appointing a responsible person to take ownership of loose gear
  • Subjecting all such items to periodic thorough examination by a competent person
  • Proper marking to ensure safe use and identification
  • Providing suitable secure storage conditions
  • Implementing a proper system of issue
  • Inspecting all equipment on return to stores and
  • Ensuring unserviceable equipment is quarantined prior to repair or disposal.

Whether an organisation has only a small quantity of loose gear or an inventory running to hundreds or thousands of items, their care and maintenance is essential to safe lifting operations.

More details of the guide are available from ICHCA International: