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New portable spill containment range from Enware

Portable spill containment range from Enware
Enware now offers a comprehensive range of spill containment products to protect workers and the environment.
Work-related injury and illness incidents are now estimated to cost more than $60 billion a year, according to Safe Work Australia.
And financial penalties for water and air polluters can be as much as $1 million for a corporation or even jail for individuals in cases of aggravated offences.
Enware’s range of easily handled relocatable spill-containment products are custom-designed to protect the environment and workers from the many hazardous chemicals found in industrial, civil, municipal, mining and military applications.
The flexible, portable and robust containment products are constructed from high-grade specialised polymers to resist diverse ranges of fuel and chemicals, and are produced by one of the world’s leading suppliers of spill prevention, containment and control products, ENPAC.
ENPAC has over two decades of experience in delivering optimum performance and best value in design engineering and production capacity.
The ranges of flexible, portable ENPAC product include:
  1. SPILLPAL drum containment units, providing spill control for drums, machine parts, tanks and generators. No ramps are required for the containment devices because they have flexible sidewalls that spring back to form, allowing easy drive-in and drive-out access with a hand truck or forklift.
  2. STINGER Yellow Jacket - Chemical lightweight pallets. These can be carried virtually anywhere to prevent spills. Weighing from 7kg with a sump capacity of 302 litres, the standard range extends through to 2.44m (L) X 1.22m (W) models with a sump capacity of 605L.
  3. STINGER Snap-Up Berm – Hydrocarbon for large-scale immediate spill response. This is designed for large-scale immediate spill response, with sump capacities from 299-7359L. Easy to assemble with a snap-up design, Stinger Berms features excellent rip, tear and puncture resistance for the most demanding applications or terrain.
  4. STINGER Snap-Foam Berm – Hydrocarbon for drive-in-drive out applications. Compactly stored for transport, the berms features sidewalls that snap back automatically into the upright position after being driven over.
  5. STINGER SPILLPAL instant containment berm with removable foam sidewalls. Featuring high-strength connectors and sturdy construction with drive-in-drive- out capability, the design incorporates lightweight and durable logs that can be driven over at any angle.
Enware Australia
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