New gender guidelines ‘a concern for industry’


The Federal Government’s proposed gender equity guidelines need to be ‘workable and balanced,’ says Ai Group Chief Executive Heather Ridout.

"The Government is proposing to go much further than the existing reporting requirements, Ms Ridout says. “The Government procurement guidelines will be of concern to industry.

“It is essential that a heavy handed approach is not taken.”

Mr Ridout says the Government should discuss its proposals in detail with industry to ensure that they are workable, before drafting legislation.

"Ai Group strongly supports gender equity but measures to improve equity need to be workable and balanced," Ms Ridout says.

Ms Ridout says there are some areas, including reporting on pay equity, as “extremely difficult in practice” given the varied nature of jobs.

“There are a huge number of elements to what would be considered fair remuneration, she says. "It is to be hoped that that the proposed on-line reporting system will make it easier to comply.

"Clearly the best outcomes will be achieved if there is broad industry support for the changes. But this will not be achieved if the Government does not adopt a consultative approach in developing its proposed legislation.”


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