Published 02-06-2022

New Datalogic ultra-rugged industrial scanners combine top flexibility with ultimate reliability


Datalogic, a global leader in the automatic data capture and process automation markets, is introducing its new PowerScan 9600 series of industrial handheld scanners for manufacturing, warehousing, and retail environments.

The new scanners – available in corded or cordless models – are designed to enhance productivity and efficiency through best-in-class scanning performances, and a reduced total solution cost. 

Additionally, the scanners offer the ability to monitor battery status and scanner health to allow simple predictive maintenance.

“The PowerScan family of bar code readers are the ultimate industrial handheld scanners, designed and constructed to withstand the toughest environmental conditions,” says Ms Loretta Chinaglia, Product Manager, Datalogic.

“PowerScan provides the user with total freedom to move around wide shop floors and large warehouses with reliable radio communication and error-free operations, plus bidirectional communication and prompt feedback on the display,” she said.

The new PowerScan 9600 is available with three different optics to fulfill different needs. The Standard Range optic is ideal for most of the applications requiring standard barcode reading at intuitive distances. 

The High-Performance optic adds the capability to decode high density codes together with an increased depth of field on standard 1D/2D codes. The Document Capture model targets document capture applications through a colour sensor for image capture and wide angle reading to scan large codes.

“The new PowerScan 9600 series embeds native support of retail and industrial standard communications, with a modular concept, for the largest application coverage and optimised asset management,” says Ms Chinaglia.


Datalogic’s PowerScan 9600 series is designed with flexible and durable scanning for a wide range of industry applications, including:

Manufacturing Shop Floor

o Work-in-Progress

o Sub-Assembly

o Component Tracking

o Quality Control

o Time and Cost Analysis

o Machine Replenishment /Configuration

o Line Inventory Control

Warehouse and Logistic Centres

o Shipping / Receiving

o Parcel Preparation

o Picking / Put Away

o Automatic Sorting Back-Up

o End of Line Sorting


o Checkout

o Self check-out

o Access Control

The durable new scanners are compliant with Water and Particulate Sealing Ratings, IP65 and IP67, and are designed for 10 million trigger hits. Wireless charging technology eliminates device failures rooted in charging contacts while reducing total cost of ownership by 15%. The new PowerScan 9600 series complements Datalogic’s leading range of industrial scanners, readers, and data capture and process automation devices, which are enabling Industry 4.0 initiatives worldwide.



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