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Ball transfer units on conveyor tables are used wherever sensitive or heavy loads are transported, items such as circuit boards, food, goods in airports, glass panes and sheet metal. Using ball tables, loads can be transferred quickly and easily in any direction.

Ball transfer units from igus are made of high-performance polymers that ensure smooth transport even at high loads. For its advanced polymer units, igus uses its proven material, xirodur B180. They are dimensionally identical to metal ball transfer units, but that is where the similarity ends. All igus units are lubrication- and maintenance-free, ensuring no lubricating grease can adhere to the goods. Another advantage compared to metal is that polymer units can be used in any orientation, whether horizontal, vertical or overhead, which extends the field of application to the furniture industry.

The optimised polymer units have a new housing interior, so they can take up to five times more load than before. They are currently available in three installation sizes and, depending on their size, withstand an axial load of 150 to 500N. Due to their material, they are very resistant to abrasion, have an electrically insulating effect and have a long service life. The rollers are mounted by simply pressing into the housing. If the user wants to additionally secure the polymer units, igus offers a clamping ring for extra security. If required, glass balls can be used inside the housing, making the units completely metal-free and therefore non-magnetic.

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