Boost safety on operating panels and in assembly areas with the new igus cable reel with worm guide from Treotham.

Appropriately long cables and hoses are required for the flexible use of tools and operating panels in production. However, these are often subject to careless storage without protection, and can constitute a tripping hazard.

In response, igus has developed the e-spool flex, a cable reel with a worm guide. The cable winder doesn’t require a slip ring, so bus cables and air and liquid hoses can be guided without interruption.

The aim of the e-spool flex is to move cables safely and stow them quickly. The new igus cable reel provides safe, interruption-free guidance for all cables and hoses for the transmission of energy and data.

“The user can easily install his existing cable in the system,” says Jorg Ottersbach, head of the e-chains business unit at igus GmbH.

“This saves costs and increases the safety of his workplace.”

A worm guide allows for fast assembly; once the cable is placed inside the worm guide, the guide is inserted into the outer and winding housing of the e-spool flex in a few simple steps.

The cables can then move flexibly in free use and are quickly and cleanly stowed away afterwards.

The new e-spool flex is available in a low-cost version with a manual turner to wind up the cable, or an automatic version with a brake and spring-driven return mechanism.

Three sizes of e-spool flex are available for cables with a diameter of five to 11mm and an extension length of five to 15 metres.

The cables can be quickly replaced at any time, and Treotham also offers a fully harnessed cable reel solution with chainflex cables specifically designed for moving applications.

The entire cable range comes with igus’s unique 36-month guarantee.

Treotham Automation
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