Mouser Electronics leads in new product introductions


Mouser Electronics has launched over 370 new products in the last month, mostly focused on the rapid introduction of technologies that can give customers an edge to spend time to market.

As a global distributor, Mouser offers the world’s widest selection of the newest semiconductors and components in stock and ready to ship.

Of the many products released, the Sensirion SGP Indoor Air Quality Sensor is perhaps best suited to offer a drastic reduction in power consumption.

The sensor provides a humidity-compensated indoor air quality signal via a digital interface alongside Sensirion’s MOXSens Technology, which offers robustness against contamination.

According to Mouser’s website, “The VOC index provides a practical quantification of VOC events relative to each individual sensor’s average indoor environment.”

The VOC index indicates to what extent the indoor air quality has deteriorated or improved compared to the sensor’s average VOC environment.

This information can be used for gradually controlling the fan of air treatment device or to provide feedback on the daily active profile.

Mouser’s customers can expect genuine, certified products that can be fully traced from each of its manufacturer partners.

Their website boasts an extensive library of technical resources, including a Technical Resource Center, along with product data sheets, supplier-specific reference designs, application notes, technical design information, engineering tools and other helpful information.

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