New from Katronic, the sophisticated KATflow 150 and KATflow 170 clamp-on, non-invasive flowmeters with Profibus PA digital communications provide plant operators with another slice of the Industry 4.0 pie.

The addition of digital communications such as Profibus PA means that for Katronic equipment, which has always communicated the basic process measurements to aid user decision making, a wide variety of process variable data can be delivered simultaneously.

This allows for the delivery of even more relevant information to users so that more sophisticated choices can be made. These choices drive asset management and predictive maintenance so that users can schedule manpower more effectively and maximise plant uptime.

Industry 4.0, IIoT and plant digitalisation all depend on the ability to gather and make sense of data. With the KATflow series, Katronic delivers a non-invasive clamp-on device that’s easily added to the process without disruption or downtime.

Data is collected on every aspect of the flow, from basic measurements such as flow volume, flow velocity and temperature to the way that the flow rate varies with the operation of other plant infrastructure like valves and pumps.

Even variations in the speed of sound through the fluid can be logged, allowing plant operators to build a picture over time.

Operational profile changes can also be tracked, actions taken and maintenance proritised to maximise uptime, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

The Katronic KATflow series is available now from AMS Instrumentation & Calibration.

AMS Instrumentation & Calibration
03 9017 8225

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