The Mi-Con modular incline conveyor system is billed as the first hygienically designed full-washdown system to be made with multiple standardised components. This novel design from Enmin makes Mi-Con a highly flexible system, allowing customers to select what will best suit their specific product and production needs.

“We recognised the industry demand for flexible, reliable, cost effective equipment and that’s what led us to designing our Mi-Con modular conveyor system,” says Enmin General Manager Anthony Gallaher.

“The key benefit of this modular system is that it eliminates equipment redundancy and expands with the customer’s business. It can be added to, extended and modified in the years ahead as a company’s production needs evolve,” he adds.

Mi-Con is the only conveyor system on the market that can be delivered flat packed in a box. This not only speeds and reduces the cost of delivery, it enables simple installation by the customer’s maintenance team. It can also be delivered to the customer partially complete or fully complete for quicker installation and commissioning.

Fully Australian made, the Mi-Con system is constructed of 304 stainless steel and all components and running gear used are FDA approved and suitable for a full washdown environment.

A range of accessories allows the customer to semi-customise the conveyor to suit the type of product to be handled or the site’s operational requirements. All items have been hygienically designed to meet the toughest of OH&S standards while maintaining flexibility and quality.

The modular intermediate section can be used to extend the available in-feed and out-feed sections and also increase the overall discharge height of the conveyor. With two standard belt widths of 500 and 700mm and incline angle options of 60 and 75 degrees, the Mi-Con will suit a wide variety of applications and space constraints.

The system can use either a PU flat, scooped cleated wave wall, or a plastic modular design depending on the application.

Other Enmin conveyor options include accumulation, takeaway, bag conditioning/ lattening delivery conveyors and packing tables – all designed to fit perfectly with the Mi-Con system.

“We are confident our new Mi-Con system will revolutionise product conveying equipment and provide years of economical, trouble free operation for a multitude of product applications. We believe that the market potential for the product is huge as it can be utilised by any food and ingredient manufacturing facility,” Gallaher concludes.

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