Mobile welding solution from Kemppi

Kemppi has unveiled a new system that allows welding machinery to be setup using a mobile device.
The easy-to-use Kemppi Mobile Control works with mobile devices running Android, including smartphones and tablets.
Other mobile operating systems will be supported as development continues.
Kemppi, based in Finland, is the first welding equipment manufacturer to step into the world of mobile platforms.
According to Kemppi, a hand-held wireless tablet or phone offers significant time-saving benefits – and more enjoyable interaction.
“The time savings are remarkable, and the bigger the fleet, the bigger the savings, said Jussi Kapanen, Kemppi’s UX manager. “Plus, later maintenance and checking of the current settings are fast and easy.”
The new device was recently on show at Essen 2013, Europe's international welding trade fair.
“With the clear Mobile Control interface, all welding settings can be made easily, precisely, and quickly, Mr Kapanen said.
“The user can see and control everything from basic welding settings (such as wire feed or voltage fine tuning) to the most advanced settings.”
Mr Kapanen said users can select a predefined configuration and copy it to a mobile devices in any number.
Previously, each piece of equipment was configured separately.
And when the equipment is changed or due for maintenance, each welder's personal settings can be saved to the mobile application and restored on receipt of the serviced equipment or copied to other units.
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