Mobile, secure shutter cabinets offer top protection


Storage specialist Actisafe is now manufacturing its own mobile, secure shutter cabinets with shelves and draws for maintenance teams.

These are suitable for all types of industries including engineering maintenance, automotive, food production, conveyors and materials handling equipment, public works and dockyards.

Apart from storage the main purpose of these units to maintain the integrity of components stored in them, particularly where there is a risk of potential contamination.

Designed on casters, Actisafe mobile secure shutter cabinets can be easily wheeled up to a job site in convenient reach of the maintenance team.

The new cabinets are ideal for routine and emergency scenarios.

For instance, if a repair team is removing a part from a machine it can be placed directly into the mobile secure shutter cabinet to ensure it is kept free from contaminants such as dust and fines.

This is particularly important in food grade mechanical equipment where food contamination is an issue or for precision machines where the standard of operating oil must retain the highest quality.

Cabinets are custom made and can be supplied in any size to suit requirements.

Normally supplied powder coated in industrial blue, Actisafe mobile, secure shutter cabinets are also available in other colours on request to match corporate identity or comply to on-site safety laws.

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