Published 01-10-2021
| Article appears in October 2021 Issue

Mixquip and their Multi-Purpose Solution


The fluid mixing equipment company present a recent focus study

THE CHALLENGE - When one of Australia’s leading garden care brands didn’t have enough capacity in the existing plant to produce the range of products required by the market in both organic and traditional fertilisers, a new approach to manufacturing was required.

THE SOLUTION - The solution was multi-purpose mixing system including both reaction and storage/packaging tanks. The reaction tanks included a Mixquip Series 650 high shear batch emulsifier for dissolving Urea particles and Mixquip top entry tank mixers for fast, consistent batch results.

THE MIXQUIP ADVANTAGE - The Mixquip Series 650 in-tank batch emulsifier is set up with a variable speed control to allow multiple use across a wide range of applications. This allows the manufacturer to produce a range of products from the same multipurpose process tank, saving time and space, whist reducing process times prior to packaging. This time saving solution is a win/win for a client and an example of how the Mixquip engineering team understands that ‘your process matters’.


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