Published 20-05-2021

MHA Trolleys for all Occasions


Trolleys and handtrucks are the simplest materials handling aids but have become indispensable when moving all manner of loads in different environments. It plays an important role with increasing productivity and reducing the risks of manual handling.

MHA offers the widest range of trolleys and hand trucks in Australia. From basic general purpose units to custom made models trying to solve specific materials handling problems. The range includes several models to address the challenges of order picking in the warehouse. There’s also the specialised units used for carrying difficult loads.

There are many models available, like the hygienic stainless steel options for use in food and beverage and pharmaceutical applications.

There’s a new highlight in the range. Its the X-cart collapsible trolley. The trolley is lightweight yet robust and sturdy. It can be used in hundreds of applications from offices, to hospitality and retail and logistics. Find out more from the MHA catalogue.

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