Message from the LEEA Australia Chairman


In today’s uncertain and highly competitive industrial markets, not least the Australian Lifting Equipment market, one of the keys to success for any business is to continuously add value to its customers.

Various company strategies have evolved over the years to provide value added services to the industry. It is generally recognised that the companies that do this the best are up there on the league ladder of business success.

Providing services supported by a team of trained competent technicians is critical to the delivery of this value.

By becoming a full LEEA member Australian companies serving the lifting industry can provide leading edge services backed up by the knowledge that their business are accredited and supported by the worlds leading authority in this area.

LEEA was established in 1944 in the UK and has become a world authority in the provision of training, expert advice, auditing and a recognised qualifications for the lifting industry.

A not-for-profit organisation LEEA’s goal of raising the standards of the lifting equipment industry worldwide, provides Australian companies with the opportunity to increase the value they add to their customers, as well as for end users being confident in the operational standards and capabilities of supplying organisations.

LEEA came to Australia in 2009. We now have over 30 member companies in Australia of which five are already full members.

Our membership comprises of companies from all fields of lifting from installers to service providers, inspection and testing services, to equipment manufacturers and suppliers.

Coordinated by a national committee comprising of executives from seven member companies.

The committee meets quarterly to coordinate training and audit programs, course evaluation and examinations, marketing and membership services.

This is supported by regular visits by executives and industry experts from LEEA head office providing advanced training, company audits, and support for government and legislative body representations.

I can say with confidence that we already have a broad coverage of our market with many of Australia’s leading companies in this industry being members of LEEA.

A full list of LEEA members in Australia can been seen on our website at:

LEEA does not only limit itself to providers to the lifting market but also to end user companies.

We are now becoming a recognised standard in some countries for the provision of equipment and services to the lifting industry.

End users can be confident that the services provided by LEEA accredited companies is backed up by independent verification that they operate to a defined set of professional standards supported by trained and qualified personnel.

By being involved as associate members end user customers can access a wealth of resources to enable to ensure that they operate safe and legal lifting programs.

In Australia LEEA has teamed up with Industry Update as our media partner to help spread the word about the world leading services, and support available from LEEA and LEEA members companies.

We encourage contributions from the industry to provide comment or to request further information contact:

- Richard Crake