McMenon averaging pitot tubes


The MAPT is a multiport self-averaging flow meter with a design based on the classical pitot tube concept of fluid flow measurement. It produces an averaged differential pressure (DP) signal proportional to the square of the flow rate. The DP output is normally piped to a Differential Pressure transmitter in order to generate an electrical signal proportional to the flow rate. 

The outer impact tube has a number of pressure sensing holes facing upstream which are positioned at equal annular points in accordance with a log-linear distribution. This pressure is represented at the head as the high pressure component of the DP output. 

The low pressure component is generated from a single sensing hole located on the downstream side of the outer impact tube, measuring static pressure. The MAPT is an improvement on the round sensor design due to the unique profiled flats which are positioned around the downstream hole in order to define the separation point at which the flow lines separate as the fluid passes around the outer impact tube. 

This feature creates a stable pressure area at the downstream pressure sensing hole thereby maintaining a more constant flow coefficient at high velocities enabling a very wide range of flow measurement (turndown).



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