Published 18-08-2020
| Article appears in August 2020 Issue



As calls for a return to glory for Australian manufacturing grow louder, dedicated CNC distributor Innovync has taken the initiative.

The company, which has spent five years at the heart of innovative stone and glass production, is about to expand into advanced materials and plastics machines.

Innovync has just signed an exclusive distribution deal with premium European CNC manufacturer CMS for its entire Advanced Materials product range, which means a new suite of machines is poised to elevate nationwide innovation far into the future.

Innovync’s client VIKAL International is living proof of the explosive innovative potential of this deal.

VIKAL’s luxury yacht tenders are everything but ordinary, and often resemble something out of a James Bond movie.

With plenty of room for creativity afforded by crafting prototypes from foam with the super high-tech CMS MX5, the finished bespoke convertible tenders push the boundaries of imagination, marine manufacturing and tender design.

The unique Australian company is one of the earliest adopters of CMS Advanced Materials machinery in the country – and not far behind the rest of the world.

For years, the likes of SpaceX, Lockheed Martin, Boeing and Hyundai have used these very CNCs to bring breakthrough products to life within the aerospace, automotive, sporting, marine and electronics industries.

While much of the action has taken place in Europe and America, Australia’s own Innovync is about to kindle the fire for new developments at home.

Driven by a solid foundation of technical and service excellence, the firm’s passion for sparking ingenuity spurs growth through every interaction.

With precise, customisable equipment capable of machining a large variety of materials within a 0.006mm tolerance, the machines offer a fresh chance to usher in a new era of nationwide advancement.

“CMS’s Advanced Materials and Plastics technology have been machining plastics, composites, carbon fibre, aluminium, light allows and metal at extremely high standards for years,” says Pierre Sullivan, Innovync’s managing director.

“CMS puts a lot of research and development into the technology and always comes out at the forefront of cutting-edge design. Our clients have found them to be extremely accurate, reliable, high-performing and can easily quantify ROI.”

Sullivan says Innovync is incredibly proud to continue its rewarding relationship with CMS.

“We’re honoured to be trusted to bring the entire suite of CMS machines to the Australian and New Zealand market.”

This new development is a step up on the global stage for both countries, and with Australia’s new Adelaide Space Station – just one of many futuristic projects on the horizon – this monumental influx of production possibilities could garner expansion beyond the realms of anything Australia has ever seen.


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