Published 02-12-2021
| Article appears in November 2021 Issue

Marsh Springs rebrands as Marsh Alliance after 7th Australian acquisition


Over the past 68 years, the Marsh business has developed its prowess as not only an important Australian manufacturer, but a pivotal supplier to local manufacturers, simply by working closely with customers to meet their continually changing needs, and evolving with the market.

In the recent past, Marsh has diversified its competencies through acquiring new customers as well as market leading manufacturers that complemented its spring manufacturing capabilities and was knows as “Marsh Springs and Metal Components”. Ongoing investment in new machinery further bolstered the company’s capabilities and enabled Marsh to compete in new market channels.

This aggregation of multiple specialised companies has enabled Marsh to diversify its supply relationships into new industries including automotive, agricultural, medical, construction and defence. As the Marsh business expanded, additional specialised services have been developed to benefit customers, which has in turn led to the evolution of specialised production groups and 4 key business units, or brands, under the Marsh Alliance banner:

• Marsh Springs

• Marsh Wire Forms

• Marsh Pressed Parts

• Marsh Specialty Coatings

The enduring theme driving the Marsh business has always been a close partnership with customers, suppliers and employees and this relationship has informed the new name “Marsh Alliance”. The new structure of the company ensures Marsh can effectively communicate its core offers to the market and in this way Marsh Alliance continues to evolve into its true core purpose, of partnering with and exceeding the needs of our customers.


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