Magnetic wand cleans up copycats


Serpent & Dove launched the Wonder-Wand Magnetic Cleaner in the late 1980s – and it remains the most innovative product on the market.

Designed to quickly and safely clean up swarf and other sharp steel items, the Wand features a rare earth magnet element that slides within a thin non-magnetic stainless steel or PVC tube.

After gathering swarf, the magnet element is withdrawn inside the tube using a slide rod. The collected swarf follows the magnets up the outside of the tube until arriving at a delrin disc.

As the magnets travel past this point, the collected iron is discharged.

Often copied but never bettered, the Serpent & Dove Wonder-Wand with patented improvements is reported to weigh half as much as copycat products yet to collect twice the volume of swarf.

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