Logic Lift Scissor Lift reaches new heights


Optimum Handling Solutions has unveiled its new range of Logic Lift Scissor Lifts with an automatic load height detection system.

The system uses an electric eye to scan the load height to automatically maintain the optimum working height for the scissor lift operator.

The Logic Lift photo eye is adjusted to a comfortable working height for each individual operator and then automatically controls the level of the scissor lift table so that the pallet layer being stacked is kept constant. The operator does not have to press any control buttons once they have started stacking the pallet.

The logic lift photo eye sensor also works in the opposite direction when pallets are being unstacked. The scissor lift table is automatically elevated as each layer is taken off.

Logic Lift scissor lifts are used to overcome many materials handling issues including lifting, bending, reaching and twisting.

The Optimum Handling Solutions Logic Lift system can be used in almost any situation where scissor lift tables are required.

Low profile scissor lifts can negate the need for forklifts in some situations, as the low profile scissor lift can be unloaded by a pallet truck.

Also, the Logic Lift sensor helps to increase production by reducing operator fatigue by lessening the effort required.

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