New four-wheel Hyster electric forklifts engineered for driver control and comfort are being introduced to the Asia-Pacific region for cost-efficient use across multiple warehousing and logistics applications.

The UT series of four-wheel electric forklifts, in capacities from one to 3.5 tonnes complements the broader UT series range for customers seeking Hyster toughness, quality and strong service pacing to cost-effectively tackle simple everyday materials handling needs.

It also brings the performance of electric forklifts to a new market sector seeking optimum cost-efficiency for their needs.

Features of the new machines, which provide an ideal solution to meet users’ needs for less frequent usage, include an ergonomically designed operator compartment laid out to enable operators to work comfortably across a range of applications, including food and beverage, frozen produce, manufacturing, distribution and truck and transport centres.

“UT series four-wheel electric lift trucks are engineered for drivers, with an outstanding range of compliance, performance, comfort and easy service features,” says Hyster Pacific area business director Mark Chaffey.

Power options include wet cell batteries with single point watering or maintenance-free Lithium Ion technology. Smooth, progressive high performance is provided by AC traction and hydraulic motors with electronic control.

European-designed AC controllers are coupled with AC traction and hydraulic motors to allow for precise controllability. A small steering wheel facilitates fine control, with eight degrees of adjustment and low steering effort for operation in confined spaces.

“The low effort without kickback facilitates precise positioning,” Chaffey says.

Further features of the new Hyster range include high-strength profiled steel overhead guard for added protection coupled with low step height for easy access, wide view mast to enhance operators’ forward view field, a high-vis mast to provide soft landing technology as standard to absorb shocks, and full adjustable suspension seat to reduce driver fatigue.

Performance features include simple and clear display of speed, power, error codes and working hours to keep operators fully informed. Colour displays are integrated with functions such as performance selection to configure the truck for different applications.

Maintenance is made simple thanks to an integrated motor, transmission and axle that provide compact performance and accessibility. Precision cut gears mean reduced wear and lower noise levels.

Hyster’s use of high quality and robust components, complemented by outstanding filtration and cooling, helps to provide driver-oriented comfort, reliability and low cost of ownership. These elements, combined with fast availability of cost-effective replacement parts help to curtail maintenance requirements and spend.

Hyster has gone above and beyond to make sure its new range of four-wheel electric forklifts meets its adage “Meets the Need. Makes the Move”. If you prefer proven materials handling solutions backed by a supplier than can trust, talk to your local Hyster dealer.

Hyster-Yale Asia-Pacific
02 9795 3810

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