Published 12-01-2021
| Article appears in February 2021 Issue

Loads of up to 100kg with Electro-Balancer from Zasche handling

Zasche handling Electro Balancer

A leading provider for load handling technology, ZASCHE handling, introduces its Electro-Balancer (E-Balancer).

Designed for operators to position and transport loads of up to 100kg precisely and effortlessly.

Lauded for its intuitive and ergonomic design, the E-Balancer is a versatile tool suited for a broad range of heavy-duty industrial applications. It offers manufacturers the opportunity to enhance productivity and workplace safety all at once.

Running purely on electrical energy, the E-Balancer is the perfect solution for manufacturing facilities without a compressed air supply. Its sensitive control elements allow for smooth and precise load positioning, enabling users to set it to specific parameters.

Erwin Wagner, General Manager of ZASCHE handling, says the plug & play-ready lifting equipment allows manufacturers to lift components or manufactured goods efficiently and safely than ever before.

“Our team is committed to designing and delivering purpose-built systems that address specific industrial handling needs. Customers can now look forward to using a new type of ‘weightless’ product handling tool that can be used across all production lines.”

Key features of the E-Balancer include allows for load capacity of up to 100 kg with a lifting height of up to 2000 mm.

The lifting speed comes at a  maximum of 700 mm/s with > 90% duty cycle.

The optimal ratio of payload to dead weight — the E-Balancer is especially lightweight, allowing users to use the lifting equipment easily and efficiently.

It is also Innovative with simple parameterization — users can program the E-Balancer to customize parameters such as reaction speeds according to their needs, with the touch of a few buttons.

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