Published 13-10-2020
| Article appears in October 2020 Issue

Lighting solutions - LUMITEX LED


Are you annoyed with fluorescent flicker or is your lighting dull or inconsistent.

And is your internal or external work area dark and unsafe. Or maybe you are tired of paying so much to run your lights. Why not update your lights to LED!

Lumitex has the solution for your lighting issues.

Want to preserve your working capital? Who doesn’t.

Subject to a positive lighting audit, we can upgrade all your lights, including labour, all funded by energy savings. Simply ask us to check your commercial site for suitability.

Lumitex has been working with LED’s since 1996 and today provides quality LED lighting solutions for commercial and industrial clients in Australia and overseas.

Whether the application is an office, a warehouse, carpark or industrial facility, we have a solution to meet or exceed Australian Standards.

For challenging or unique applications, Lumitex has the expertise to deliver bespoke LED lighting solutions, backed by Australian compliance and an experienced in-house lighting design support team.


Exceptional support

Depending on the product type, Lumitex offers up to 7 years warranty, with the first three years inclusive of labour costs.

Our confidence is derived from the use of high-quality components.

Since Lumitex products are pole-mounted or ceiling-mounted with high access costs, solid aftersales support is a “specification” arguably just as important as price.

Our advice is provided at no cost. The product selection process can be complex depending on the application and the environment.  

Given the above, our technical team should be engaged for the product selection process in critical applications, to ensure the anticipated lifetime promised by LED technology and to validate the expected warranty.

While our products are available through the electrical wholesaler network across Australia, the first step is to call us to determine your needs.

We look forward to delivering a fit-for-purpose lighting solution for your next project and welcome a visit to our website.




Here you can check out our many successful installations and upgrade examples to LED technology, as well as read genuine testimonials from our happy customers, such as;

“It must have been one of the fastest but also informative and pleasant experiences we’ve had with a company.” Claire K.

“The whole process exceeded my expectations. I was really impressed with how genuine and thorough everyone was- both when order placed with Lumitex team and when the electrician changed over the LED lights.” Jose J.

“Just a quick note to say thanks for the FANTASTIC service!!!….Really appreciate the time and effort that you went to, way above what I was expecting.”

Regards, Mike C.

We want your business and will find a way to bring a great offer for your consideration.


Just call our team to get the ball rolling.

Free call - 1300 337 809

Office - (08) 9250 4178

e -

8.30am – 5pm Monday to Friday WST

Lumitex Ltd ABN 70 075 108 566



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