Light up your life with Foxfire


Safety specialist Vision Safe now offers Foxfire – the latest in LED portable warning light technology.

Foxfire is a heavy duty, magnetic backed portable signal light with 26 super-bright LED’s.

Each LED has a specially designed magnifier to increase light intensity and the unique arrangement of the LED’s in the Foxfire allows light to be projected from the sides in addition to the front of the light, making this signal light visible from most directions.

At night, traffic cones can disappear into the darkness, but Foxfire can solve this problem.

When placed inside a traffic cone, the light emitted from Foxfire is so strong it can light the entire cone rather than just the tip, making the cone visible at a greater distance, thereby increasing safety in coned areas.

Foxfire is powered by four AA batteries, operates in either static (constant on) or flash mode and is available in red and amber.

Vision Safe
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