Billed as the first of its kind to be available in Australia, the Eaton 5P lithium-ion rack-mount uninterruptible power system promises increased network security, extended battery life and remote management capabilities.

The successful 5P UPS was launched in 2013. Now the upgraded lithium-ion version provides enhanced performance compared to lead-acid batteries, with extended service life that translates to less frequent battery replacement.

The 5P is compatible with Eaton’s recently launched Gigabit Network Card - the first to comply with the UL 2900-2-2 standard for cybersecurity.

In addition, the Li-ion UPS is lighter and more compact than its lead-acid counterparts. The weight is 20% less than a comparably rated lead-acid unit, and all ratings come in a slimline 1U outline, saving valuable rack space.

The 5P comes with a five-year standard warranty on both the UPS and batteries.

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