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When mankind first invented the wheel it was all about moving heavy loads with minimal effort, but the load still needed to be lifted on to the cart.

Today there is a much simpler way to execute the lift before you move – jack it up.

Castors with jacking assemblies come in two styles – side-wind with side mount that allows for taller loads without having to leave clearance for the crank handle and top-wind with side mount that does require clearance – or the use of a ratchet handle.

Load capacities for these models range from 400kg up to 1000kg and the lift height (travel) up to 200mm on the side-wind model.

The wheel/castor size and type can also be selected for the side-wind model – 100mm, 150mm or 200mm – with hi-res rubber, polyurethane or nylon wheels to suit the application.

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