Universal Robots (UR) has expanded the capabilities of its e-Series cobot family with the release of the UR16e, which combines an impressive 16kg payload capability with an extended reach of 900mm.

The new larger unit claims a pose repeatability of +/-0.05mm, making it ideal for automating tasks such as heavy-duty materials handling, heavy-part handling and machine tending.

According to UR President Jürgen von Hollen: “In today’s uncertain economic climate manufacturers need to look at flexible solutions to stay competitive.

“With UR16e, we meet the need for a collaborative robot that can tackle heavy-duty tasks reliably and efficiently. This launch significantly expands the versatility of our product portfolio and gives manufacturers even more ways to improve performance, overcome labour challenges, and grow their business.”

As with the other models in the e-Series platform, the UR16e is particularly easy to deploy. The unit can be unpacked, mounted and programmed to perform a task in less than an hour.

And with its small footprint and 900mm reach, the UR16e can be easily integrated into any production environment without disruption.

With its rugged construction and high reliability, UR reckons that the UR16e is ideal for automating high-payload CNC machine tending applications, including multi-part handling, without compromising on precision.

According to Peter Hern, ANZ Country Manager at Universal Robots: “Today, we’re making it easier than ever for every manufacturer to capitalise on the power of automation by bringing a cobot to market that is built to do more as it delivers more payload than our other cobots.

“Australia is one of our most important markets in the region, and we believe there will be strong demand for the UR16e.”

The UR16e meets the most demanding compliance regulations and safety standards for unobstructed human-robot collaboration, including EN ISO 13849-1, PLd, Category 3 and full EN ISO 10218-1.

Universal Robots
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