Published 19-10-2021
| Article appears in November 2021 Issue

LAPP Technology Controls the Horrible Pleasure of Sky-High Thrills and Spills


Fritt Fall is not for the faint hearted. Up to 4,000 visitors a day can enjoy the biggest attraction of the Gröna Lund theme park on the island of Djurgarden in Sweden’s capital Stockholm. The passengers are lifted to a height of 80 metres at a rate of three metres per second before falling into the bottomless pit – “fritt fall” means “free fall”.

Of course, the illusion of danger is just that: an illusion. The Fritt Fall Power Tower, as it was initially called, has been accident-free for 20 years. In 1997, it was converted from a pure observation tower to the park’s biggest attraction – at the same place where Stockholmers enjoyed themselves as early as the 18th century.

Even though the park is only open from April to September, 20 years in the harsh Swedish climate is a long time, and so Gröna Lund Tivoli AB, the operator of the amusement park, decided to overhaul the Fritt Fall. The control system was replaced and so were all the cables. They not only have to withstand high mechanical loads, but also rain, sunlight and rodents.

All manufacturers comply with the safety standards in accordance with the applicable machine directive. Fritt Fall has been upgraded to this latest safety standard. Among other things, two-channel sensors are used, which offer redundancy if a sensor should fail.

Trust in LAPP Miltronic

LAPP Miltronic, which has belonged to LAPP since 2008, was awarded the contract to renew the control system of the Fritt Fall. The company was able to supply all the products needed in accordance with a strict timetable in several tranches, because the installation of the cables was to disturb the other renovation work as little as possible. Cables for power and data The cables transmit signals from inductive and other sensors to the central control system. This system controls solenoid valves, drives and other components.

The cables are all so robust that they can withstand rain and UV light for many years. In addition, the cables are oil-resistant and some also have rodent protection. The cables connect the operator’s control panels in the base of the tower with the engine room at the top. They are located in the elevator shaft inside the tower and were pulled up by ladders. During the overhaul, all control cabinets and consoles were also replaced.

“Thanks to the excellent cooperation with LAPP, Fritt Fall will continue to meet the highest safety standards in the future,” says Jesper Frantzén. “And our guests can look forward to a horrible pleasure.”

About LAPP Australia

The family-owned LAPP organisation is renowned globally for its levels of quality, innovation and for its commitment to ethical values and service, qualities which it will bring to key Australian markets.

The company offer a one-stop shop for highly integrated, efficient and reliable systems which comply with the leading Australian, European and American compliance and quality standards.



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