Krauss Maffei install largest ever moulding press in Switzerland


Krauss Maffei of Munich Germany, have recently installed their largest Injection Moulding machine to date in Switzerland, for Georg Fischer Piping Systems.

The MX 3200 - 101.000/101.000 machine with a 3,200 tonne clamping force and maximum shot weight of 120kg will produce large volume pipe fittings with a diameter of up to 500mm.

The fittings are used to connect pieces of pipe for the public water supply.

Georg Fischer Piping Systems, located in Schaffhausen, Switzerland,  was established at the end of the 19th Century and is a leading provider of plastic and metal piping systems with a global market presence.

Krauss Maffei faced multiple challenges in the design of the solution for GF Piping Systems such as the large shot weight and need for flexibility in regards to the material, size and geometry when producing the pipe fittings.

For this reason the machine was equipped with two injection units that can be interconnected as needed.

Another significant challenge was the high viscosity polythylene 100 material to be proceesed on the large machine.

The solution involved optimising the screw geometries and drives for the plasticizing unit.

Krauss Maffei also installed an IR KR5000 industrial robot to provide reliable handling of the pipe fittings, which can weigh up to 120kg.

With a payload of 340kg, this is the largest industrial robot to be installed on an injection moulding machine.

With a multifunctional gripper, it can handle the various nominal diameters of the fittings and the special padding on the jaws provides additional protection to the products.

" The close coordination with Krauss Maffei, both leading up to and during the installation, has resulted in an automated solution that perfectly matches our requirements" said Claude Fischer, Head of Business unit of GF Piping Systems.

Krauss Maffei is represented in Oceania by HBM Plastics Technologies.