Jehbco Silicones – A Quality Company



Jehbco Manufacturing, an ISO 9001 quality company, has many attributes that separates us from its competitors.  Please consider the following fifteen reasons when choosing Jehbsil silicone for your next application:

1 - We do not compromise our products by adding fillers by only using 100% silicone (with the exception of sponge) therefore producing a higher quality product with high specifications and a maximum working life.

2 – We have high tolerances – as good as metal extrusions.

3 – We specialise only in silicone therefore have a large cross section of types of silicone materials available.

4 – We can manufacture any size tube from 0.5mm up to 200.0mm in increments of 0.1mm.  Also, any size cord from 0.5mm up to 50.0mm in increments of 0.1mm.

5 – We have the largest range of silicone sheet “off the shelf” in Australia.

6 – We provide solutions to customers sealing issues.

7 – We can provide “in house” testing facilities.

8 – We have virtually the largest selection of silicone extrusions in the world with over 2,000 to choose from.

9 – We have virtually the largest selection of colours and hardness’s to choose from.

10 – We specialise in difficult shapes in solid and sponge that other companies do not want to take on.

11 – We will develop seals for smaller quantities than our competitors and we do not charge tooling (only minimum orders apply).

12 – We can virtually vulcanise any shape, either butt joined or right angled.

13 – We have an extremely low staff turnover with a wealth of experience in key positions, including 25+ years each for the Prod. Manager and Eng Manager and have been in business for almost 40 years.

14 – Our lead-times are very low for an new tooling.

15 – We offer are a large range of readily available samples.


Please contact Jehbco on 02 9905 9611 or email us at for any enquiries.