Innovation key to car industry future


An innovative car industry is an important part of Australia's push for a highly skilled manufacturing workforce, says Innovation and Industry Minister Senator Kim Carr.

Speaking at a dinner in Sydney on the eve of the Australian International Motor Show, Senator Carr said the Federal Government would continue to support and encourage the auto industry.

Senator Carr applauded the industry for being a world leader in automotive design and engineering.

“There are only 15 countries around the world that can do absolutely everything from automotive concept to final production. Australia is one of them,” Senator Carr said.

“While we are considered small in terms of our production volumes, we are exceptional when it comes to innovation. Our design, engineering and manufacturing capability truly exceeds most countries.

“I am proud that in Australia three competing motor vehicle producers — Holden, Ford and Toyota — have been able to work with the Government to weather the financial storm and ensure the future of local manufacturing plants and technologies,” Senator Carr said.

“We will continue to work with you. Our New Car Plan for a Greener Future has laid the platform for you to prepare for a low carbon future and make the industry indispensable to global markets and supply chains.”

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