Now more than ever, effective surface cleaning is a crucial part of any workplace. Even though most of the country is on the road to recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, a clean office is a safe one.

Whiteley Corporation, a family owned Australian business and leading global innovator of infection prevention solutions for over 85 years, has stepped up with a new hospital-grade disinfectant.

Viraclean, intended for use on a range of medical surfaces, is now available to the wider market, including manufacturers. The disinfectant is designed to better protect patients and staff in the medical field from the risk of COVID-19 virus cross infection.

The use of Viraclean, particularly on high touch areas such as doorhandles and benchtops, combined with good hand hygiene, will assist in protecting staff as Australia moves into winter months and a higher incidence of colds and flus.

Ensuring hand sanitiser is easily accessible will assist in minimising the risk of infection.

Whiteley conducts all its research and development in its TGA licenced manufacturing facility, based in the NSW coastal city of Newcastle. A series of guides designed to prevent the spread of infection can be found on the Whiteley website.

Whiteley Corporation
1800 833 566

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