As calls to re-shore Australian manufacturing grow louder, discussions surrounding the purchase and creation of goods made from recycled content have intensified.

Impending COAG waste export bans and a genuine desire to close the loop have only amplified such talk, but of concern is whether manufacturers, governments and industry alike know what’s on the market, and where to buy and sell these materials.

In a South Australian first, the Waste Management and Resource Recovery Association of Australia (WMRR) – the national peak body for all stakeholders in the waste and resource recovery industry - has partnered with Green Industries SA (GISA) to present the 2020 Buy Recycled expo.

The event is aimed at connecting all stakeholders in the recycled goods supply chain as Australia builds towards a resourceful and resilient future.

The expo will be held in conjunction with WMRR’s SA Waste & Resource Recovery Conference, this year aptly themed ‘outside the square, inside the circle’.

“We know that there is an appetite to use Australian recycled materials in domestic manufacturing and construction, and there already exist many waste and resource recovery industry players that have taken the leap and have proven that there are viable and high quality secondary alternatives to virgin materials,” says WMRR CEO Gayle Sloan.

“WMRR wants to drive Australia forward in walking the talk and this expo will play a key role in connecting these players.”

Sloan believes the nation is at a tipping point between extracting and using virgin materials once and simply disposing of them afterwards and seeing the real value in resources that can be extracted, designed and used over and over, thereby creating secondary manufacturing opportunities and new real jobs in Australian manufacturing.

The choice, she says, is ours to make.

“Knowledge is power, as is a strong and connected network and this expo will also encourage engagement between stakeholders in the supply chain to close the knowledge gaps, raise awareness of the opportunities that currently exist in buying Australian recycled, debunk the myths around cost, quality and specifications of recycled inputs,” she says

“And through all of that, hopefully increase the use of recycled content and grow the end markets that Australia needs.”

The two-day Buy Recycled expo, free to all exhibitors and visitors, will be held from 28-29 October at the Adelaide Convention Centre, and will also include panel discussions led by the waste and resource recovery industry.

WMRR is calling for expressions of interest from exhibitors interested in showcasing their technologies as well as products made of recycled content.

“I’d encourage everyone in the supply chain, whether you’re involved in manufacturing, project management, engineering and construction, government policy, remanufacturing or reprocessing to exhibit or attend to both build your knowledge and network,” Sloan says.

“Together, we can grow domestic remanufacturing and markets, which as we all know, will lead to job and economic growth and secure a more sustainable future for our country.”

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