Published 14-01-2021
| Article appears in February 2021 Issue

Industry’s Smallest Solar Harvesting Solution for Space-Constrained IoT Applications

Maxim Integrated solar harvest

Maxim Integrated Products has released industry’s smallest solar harvesting solution. It is ideal for space-constrained applications such as wearable’s and emerging Internet of things (IoT) applications.

Designers of space-constrained designs can now significantly increase runtime with the MAX20361 single-/multi-cell solar harvester with maximum power point tracking (MPPT).

Designers are often challenged with the tradeoff between small size and long runtime for wearable and IoT applications.

By enabling solar charging in these highly space-constrained products, the MAX20361 can extend the runtime of those devices by providing a supplemental power source.

This solar harvester reduces solution size by at least half. The MAX20361 increases harvested energy with up to 5 percent better boost efficiency and, coupled with an adaptive MPPT approach.  

Key Advantages: smallest size, industry’s smallest solar harvesting solution due to reduced component size and smaller, fewer external components, 50 percent smaller solution size.

Also the MAX20361 single-/multi-cell solar harvester leads to higher efficiency with its maximized harvested energy with up to 5 percent better boost and additional harvesting gains can be achieved through adaptive MPPT features.

There is also unique integrated harvesting gauge for real-time indications of efficiency to optimize performance.

Maxim Integrated is an engineer’s engineering company, which exists to solve the designer’s toughest problems in order to empower design innovation.

Portfolio includes high-performance semiconductors, world-class tools and support, essential analog solutions including efficient power, precision measurement, reliable connectivity and robust protection along with intelligent processing.

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