Published 15-04-2021
| Article appears in April 2021 Issue

Industrial signal lighting made efficient with QUADRO LED-RGB-3G/3D

Pfannenberg QUADRO multicolour LED light

Available from Control Logic is the new ‘QUADRO LED-RGB-3G/3D’ light from Pfannenberg. This multicolour light is intended for use in Ex-zones 2 and 22, substituting traditional signal towers. 

Expanding its product portfolio for Ex-zones, the new range creates an efficient alternative to conventional signal towers.

Equipped with modern LED technology, the RGB light offers flexible and versatile signaling options and operating modes for industrial applications in the field of indication and warning.

A wide range of RGB colours can be selected and the desired status can be visualised with just one device.

LED technology offers many advantages, including brightness, light colours and time sequences to allow various combinations for application needs.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas wherever gases, fine dust and other explosive materials are around, and could include machine and plant operations, refineries, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries, woodworking, paint shops and industrial bakeries.

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