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Incredible Times For Industry

Industry Update October 2021 122 Issue 122

With the global landscape being so unsettled, it’s great to be coming on board a publication that connects Australian businesses, supports local production and encourages economic growth.

We can all look forward to enjoying the results of the government’s recent $1.5billion investment into its Modern Manufacturing Strategy (MMS). A project that will make us more competitive and resilient, it is set to create jobs both now and for future generations of Australians.

Focussing on six key spheres, the initiative promises to play to our strengths, targeting areas where we have an advantage or a strategic priority.

A detailed breakdown of the fund distribution can be found in our Minister for Industry, Science and Technology Christian Porter’s column.

Among the recipients is Omnia who is using its $563,000 grant from the MMF (Modern Manufacturing Fund) towards an upcoming $2.25million project, as featured in this issue.

Although new at my post, I have already been inspired by companies and individuals forging forward within the industry, including Anthony Meyer of Bryopin.

Pioneers of sous vide cooking in this country, and with clients such as Woolworths and Harris Farm on the books, Bryopin is a family business proving that with innovation, expertise and communication anything can be achieved. Salivating over their cuisine on the website was all in a day’s work.

Another example is Enmin, makers of vibratory and product-handling equipment. Here, general manager Anthony Gallaher is taking his thriving business to even greater heights. Having created machinery so reliable and bespoke that it “never breaks” he now has plans to evolve Enmin further.

We are excited to announce the new inclusion of a job section here, too, at Industry Update. For more information on this, please contact Scott Filby scott@industryupdate.com.au or Dominic Tusa dominic@industryupdate.com.au

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