The importance of maintenance, repairs and operations – advice from A2B Trailers


Amid the daily hustle and bustle of running a business, it is easy to forget about scheduled maintenance and repairs.
Consider, for example, road vehicle tippers, low loaders, dumpers, flatbed, boat, box or cargo trailers – including your plant equipment, refrigerated trailers and horse floats – these all need to be user safe and road compliant.
Maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) used by your company to create the end product include spare parts, equipment such as hitches, spare wheels, axles, brake cables or drums.
Also include consumables such as cleaning supplies, plant upkeep supplies such as lubricants, and activities completed to restore the reliable functioning of equipment.
It’s also essential to check what’s missing or broken, check that it is in stock and put an order now to have them delivered. No doubt if it is an unusual part or component it may take a while to be delivered.
Even during a pandemic, your customer will be loyal to your business when what you are offering is in top condition and all equipment you hire out is always available for use.
If you are the last business standing in your local area then that is an added silver lining, bringing more customers to your door.
There are three main types of maintenance that fall under the MRO:
This is done regularly before any issues arise, in order to keep equipment and processes running smoothly.
This refers to maintenance completed after a problem has occurred, whether to do with general wear and tear or a complete breakdown.
This is done based on the data obtained from monitoring processes that track historical trends, allowing for reliable predictions of potential failures.
Streamlined MRO management offers many benefits, but MRO is generally overlooked when managing facilities and the handling of your trade operations.
Use of automated systems, such as computers, having reliable supply chains, good management control of your inventory and workflow, goes a long way.
Having an organised system in place is a must.
A2B Trailers supplies high-quality European trailers used for both fleet and direct consumers. It also supplies European trailer parts and equipment required for regular MRO’s on daily cycles.
Whether it is a Knott or A1-Ko hitch or couplings, brake pads, wheels, rubber torsion or leaf springs for suspensions – A2B will have it in stock.
A2B trailers can supply for the following systems – Brenderup, Brian James, Eurowagon, Ifor Williams, Nugent, Scanvogn, Variant and many similar European quality products.
The life of equipment is extended when you replace parts, undertake refurbishment, maintain service intervals and perform preventive maintenance. Having a maintenance plan therefore helps lower production costs and recurring capital expenditure.
A2B Trailers recommends maintenance and repairs are assessed and carried out according to guidelines supplied by the original equipment manufacturer. 
And don’t forget that all completed work orders including job cards, work record/inspection sheets, invoices and supporting information should be filed systematically on a secure network drive for future reference. This should be in a format approved by the plant manager or compliance engineer.
In summary, having everything holistically-planned, keeps your operations sustainable in good times and bad.  
Eamon Corless, A2B Trailers
 02 4367 0026;



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