Hold on: Keystone’s new fuse clips are here


Keystone Electronics Corp. now offers a wide selection of surface mount, automotive blade fuse clips engineered to secure fuses in place even after multiple insertions.

Especially suited for high-density applications, these new, compact, low profile clips are available in vertical, horizontal and thru-board blade entry types.

They accept standard style ATO and ATC Fuses, low profile Mini #891 or ATM-LP Fuses, as well as Mini and ATM series of Mini Auto Fuses.

The voltage rating is at 500VAC and 15-30 Amps.

The new entries, made of brass with tin nickel plate, are available in bulk or in tape and reel.

For vertical entry clips used with Mini, low profile or standard Auto Blade Fuses, ask for Catalog No. 3586 (bulk) or 3586 TR (tape & reel).

For horizontal clips used with Mini Auto Blade Fuses, ask for cat. No. 3569 (bulk) or 3569 TR (tape & reel).

For low profile environment vertical entry clips using Mini Auto Fuses ask for Cat. No. 3563 (bulk) or 3563 TR (tape & reel). Delivery is from stock through Keystone’s global distribution network.

Keystone Electronics Corp. is a major manufacturer of interconnect components and hardware and provides a full complement of stamping, machining and assembling services.

The extensive Keystone product range is available from NPA Pty Ltd.

And an in-house application engineering group is on hand to aid in product modifications or customers special designs.

Keystone is ISO-9001 :2008 certified and RoHS, REACH compliant with US headquarters and offices in Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia.

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